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Update 5th April 2024 –
The trustees are currently reviewing a large number of Stage One Applications, so unfortunately we are unable to consider any further grant requests at the moment.
Following our trustess meeting in August, we will be in a position to accept new applications.

We would be pleased to consider your application for a grant if your charitable organisation falls within our Charitable Giving Criteria.

Following a review in 2023, the trustees decided to reduce the number of grants being awarded every year, but also to increase the potential value of the grants.
Every six months (Feb and Aug) the Stage 2 applications will be considered by the trustees.
Two larger grants (max £10,000) and two smaller grants (£2,500) will be awarded at each meeting.

If you would like more information on how we process personal information please see our privacy notice 

Our Application Process Explained

Stage 1

Please complete the form below, providing a short summary (150 words) describing  your project and clearly stating how this application fits with the charitable objectives of the trust. This can be completed online and sent directly to our administrators, or alternatively you can request a paper copy for completion  (0131 656 0022  – Trust secretary) and return this by post.

All “Stage 1” enquiries are reviewed at regular intervals by the trustees. Each charity will be contacted once their form has been reviewed and successful applicants will then be invited to complete a more detailed “Stage 2” application form.
(This Stage 2 form will be posted or emailed to you individually)

Stage 2

The Stage 2 applications are all reviewed by the trustees at their 6 monthly meetings (Feb and Aug) when funding decisions are made. Applicants will be contacted by the trust administrator following these meetings to inform them of the trustees decisions.

If my charity has previously been supported by the Maple Trust do I follow the same application process?

After 2 years, The Maple Trust will consider applications from organisations they have previously supported. You will however, be required to follow the above process.

If my charity Stage 1 application is unsuccessful can I re-apply at a future date?

If your charity fits within our donations criteria, we will consider a further application after 2 years.

    Please include a summary (approx 150 words) of the project that is seeking funding.*

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