About The Maple Trust

The Maple Trust was set up in 1994 by the late Mrs Rosemary Hall of Peebles. During her lifetime, Mrs Hall was a generous Рand often anonymous Рsupporter of a range of causes and, on her death in 2011, the residue of her estate was bequeathed to The Maple Trust.

The Trust does not actively fund-raise but seeks to continue the philanthropic work desired by the late Mrs Hall through the careful stewardship of its existing resources.

The Trust makes grants to charities from the income generated from the trust fund.


  • Sheila Hall
  • Edith Wilson
  • Jane Martin
  • Alison Shepherd

Trust Administrators

  • Brodies LLP
    15 Atholl Crescent,
    EH3 8HA,
    0131 656 0022 (Trust secretary)

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